RC-20 & Cassette Presets

Estrella Sounds Presents Decay+Colors (RC-20 & Cassette Presets) - Get inspired with our new collection of expertly crafted presets for XLN Audio's RC-20 and Wavesfactory Cassette.

With over 40 custom presets inspired by vintage tape machines, experimental effect pedals, and analog consoles. You'll have endless options for shaping your sound.

Our presets are easy to load and ready to use, so you can skip the tedious task of turning knobs and browsing through boring stock options. Spark your creativity and take your music to new heights with these one-of-a-kind presets.


Home Cassette (RC-20 Preset)
Sonic Stretch (Cassette Preset)
Memory VHS (RC-20 Preset)
Tascam 426 (Cassette Preset)